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All the magnolias that ever have grown
Have lived for 99 years I am told
And if you are lucky you might get to see
All the magnolias turn one century

Here in America money is God
Sabbath is over there's only days off
And if you are lucky your dollar will stretch
And cover your body when it's time to rest

Saturday, sleeping for hours
Let out your neurons
Oh let 'em play
Play like magnolia flowers in acid rain

They say Montana's a land to behond
Everyone's living on silver and gold
And if you are lucky and wide as the sky
You'll take the winters much better than I

How can the shark know the water?
How can a man know the air that he breathes?
How can I tell you about the things you cannot see?

Patch all the holes in your pockets
Save all your pennies
Be a good man
Be like magnolia flowers if and when you can


from VABA ESTE, released November 3, 2019


all rights reserved



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