from by AVA



Can you build a bridge over the river
Running between your body and mine
Though she is deep she is warm and gentle
And I'd like to cross over some of the time

Rumor has it getting hitched is going out of fashion
Everybody knows that it was all a ploy for taxes
Hopefully our parents can take the news without too much question
Hopefully I can still try for your affection

Can you build a bridge...

I don't wanna own you
I don't want to wrap up your love so it doesn't sour
I'll give it oxygen
And if it withers I give it the power

Cuz I know this mouth will find another pair to pucker
And I know these eyes will find another face to flutter
Hopefully our parents can take the news and not blame the other
Hopefully you enjoyed calling me your lover

Can you build a bridge...


from VABA ESTE, released November 3, 2019


all rights reserved



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